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Tiny Hands Music & Motion

Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy ~ Ludwig Von Beethoven

Tiny Hands Music & Motion

Beginning Mondays in April, we are debuting our very first “Tiny Hands Music & Motion” classes! These classes begin April 3rd and will meet every Monday morning at 10:30 am for 50 minutes of rousing, rhythmic fun! Classes are based on researched curriculum, that is developmentally appropriate for children ages 18 - 36 months old.  Children naturally love music, and even in early infancy, we can see how babies are affected by music. They seem to have perfect rhythm and move in time to the music. We are so excited to be introducing this program to our community, and know that the joy of music, song and movement is something to be shared!


MONDAYS 10:30 am  - 11:20am

$55 per month $20 Registration Fee

Additional Siblings $

Crafts, Singing, Dancing,

Story time, Rhythmic

Instruments, and weekly themes!

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